Art has the ability to expose and create energy around issues of social justice.  As a cultural tool, it can humanize events and evoke empathetic responses with viewers as they find relationalities with emotions, experiences, and events of those who may not have another platform to express their views and concerns. Art can be a catalyst for change by inspiring thought, reflection, and action. 

Deeply rooted in historical research and personal accounts of Hmong refugees, Thread of My Cloth brings the story of the Hmong journey to life on stage. The piece runs 45 minutes and culminates with an audience response session at the end of the performance to foster a community dialogue about the work and reflect on the experience. 

responses from the Hmong community after the performance:

“I believe seeing that performance was about the closest I have ever come to feeling the emotions our parents had during the war. I am deeply grateful toward you for sharing this experience with me!!” 

“We were greatly touched by this event.” 

“This piece evoked a lot of emotions: sadness, anger, frustration and even a little fear.  The performance was powerful in that it validated stories of the Hmong people and their struggle and sacrifice."

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